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It was just a luck that i have northern dogs…I knew that there are many kind of breed but Samoyed never heard about.


1998 First Samoyed i have ever seen was at the Christmas 1998 and it was my  Queen Elisabeth Jamamba. If i look back im sure that it was love for a first sight !I was amazed with her beautiful and innocent phiz with always smile on 

1999 When she was alreday 8 months old we adopted her parents Omar Jamamba and Komtesa Jamamba their owner wansn´t able to také care about the for more.

After that i realize that Samoyed as happy with people or with a team with more Samoyeds.

I became a member of Czech Republic club for Northern dogs.So far i wasn´t thinking about any breeding,showing and etc. With my  Samoyeds.But i was very curious about all showing and breeding !I entered my first show – club show under Northern dogs club of C.R.We took Queen and Omar to the show – here i have to say ,,THANKS´´ because they were the dogs who started my show ,,mania´´.

Our kennel was registered at 1999.The origin kennel name means :

Strážce severu – the protector of the North

The protector – because Samoyeds were the protectors of the pack of the Nenc

North – because the origin place of Samoyeds as Russia



Our first litter  was at the year 2000 – my litter ,"A".It gave me a many experience and advice.But you all know that there as still something we have to learn it !
In the year 2000 we ,,selected´´ Queen after that she was accepted as a excellent female for a breeding.I have visited many shows with her and we were searching for stud male for Quee
I do not like to do any inline breeding after that i decided to have a look in foreigne countries.
That time i met many people which were very obliging to help me .
I started to made a book with every Samoyed selected in Czech Republic.In this time i was pregnant and i had a lot of time to do this book.




My dream was to import Samoyed – the one who will come from home of Samoyed – Russia!
 I started to realized my dream – found the contact for a best kennel in Russian – Angel Ayona from Moscow.
We were in contact more than year and half.I was waiting for a great litter i will realy like.

After sucesfull searching for great litter i found and imported my another beautifull female – Angel Ayona Vasilisa Prekrasnaya.
This time i also found stud male for Queen.It was male imported from Finland and his owners were my friends Jana Fulierova and Mario Žampach – Yoshi and Us kennel.That was my second litter – litter
,,B´´ - in the year 2002.


In the year 2003 I organized Club show under Czech Republic club for Northern dogs.I just want to mention that the show was after called as a best club show.That makes me proud
At this show i showed my ,,new´´ import Vasilisa (Lisa).Her exterier was very nice comment by judges at this club show and she was BIS Puppy 2003.
This club show was also a club meeting with ellections.And I try to be in nomination for ,,breeding helper for Samoyed´´.My aim was to improve the quality of Samoyed in Czech.
Since this tim i try to my best for Samoyed in the Czech Republic !
At the end of the 2003 i travelled to abroad to use Germany champion.Excellent male out of englands lines´s.This male was the one i was searching for – excellent structure of the body,pigmentation and excellent results of hips.
The mother of this litter became Queen because Komtesa was already 9 years old.
Sad to say everything can´t be excellent !
And after Lisa was older we checked her hips.As a first time saw the result of hips I was sure that Lisa will never have a puppy (she will never be using for breeding).
I also visit personaly vet MVDr.Lukáš Duchek (Vet – Centrum),who analyse the hip results for northern dogs.He himself showed me and explain me all about the result of Lisa.And his ,,verdict´´ was result – 3/1 and beginning Osteoarthritis.
That wasn´t end of all.
Since she was 4 months old she was champing her coat at the  paws.Nothing help us – change the food,medicaments everything has just short effect.After she was still doing this champing we have done the blood tests.The results were almost the night mare for me ! Lisa was allergy for human and cats epiteli,dust,pollen,mites,flea and other …As I´m  nurse i was hoping in some treatments !
But the vet decided and ttry to explain me that the best will be to put her sleep. - uetanisia !
I was almost decided to leave my Samoyed´s dream.I was always asking myself ,,why me´´.I také care about all healthy conditions of my dogs even the dogs i use for breeding.And why Lisa – my ,,future star´´ for Czech !


I decided to have Lisa as long as it will be possible for her.The spring 2004 resolved it .
She died for hearts failure…
The time passed me and the buttres for me were my two Samoyed girls.
With lisa´s breeder was hardly to talk about.She always told me that it was my fault and not any genetic mistakes in breeding.
You all , who will read my history (and this part) can judge it yourself !
But after this all we passed my longing for importing another female was larger and larger…
It was easier for me because of contacts to a many excellent breeders of Samoyed.
But i was sure to risk again and find female from trustfully kennel.
My friends were breed their beautifull female (imported from Finland) with a male in Denmark kennel – Cabaka´s.I decided to keep puppy from this litter.And I got my beauty –
Believe´n Xamba Yoshi and Us - ,,Belie´´.She gave me  another chance to do showing and try to think about breeding.


At the beginning of the year 2005 I had litter ,,D´´.Mother was Queen and the father became  male from Finland kennel (imported to Czech) Siirpi Buuri Laubuurin Venka Vonka.
I found in my Samoyed team missing piece ! And that was male !
I was decided to keep male from kennel Yoshi and Us.Their dogs were healthy and they try to bring new blood.


The year 2006 I brought home new male  - Diamond´n ´ Xamba Yoshi and Us ,,Kimly´´.
Kimly was the one i was searching for and what i want from my male –  beautifull structure of the body,strong bone,nice movement and wonderfull character.
I showed him since he was puppy and he was (and still as) very succesfull.
I can´s forgot to mention here World dog show Poznan 2006 where kimly was 2nd in youth class out of 4 dogs in concuration.But Kimly was winner for me there !And I was very proud for him…
After this show he made me proud many,many times.And i´m grateful to him !

I change my kennel name for Orleansnow at the end of the year 2006.I found this name after i heard that in town New orleans was tornado and some Samoyeds died there !
Queen as already 8 years old and she enjoy her showing time to time in veteran class !As many judges told me – in the show rings she as younger and younger.
Queen became a Czech Veteran Champion and she was also very sucesfull in honoral rings…


So far I try to show my dogs at International and club shows arround Czech Republic.
Kimly became excellent male with everything what a male must have ! His movement as always very nice comment by judges and of course not just for the movement !

I was also searching for male for Bellie. I prefer male with good bone,correct pigment and great character.There are many imports in Czech Republic but no one does not meet criteria of ,,nice male´´ for me.
I found right male for Bellie from my litter D –Strážce Severu.This was right choice for my next litter !

I can´t forgot to mention our last big sucess at club show 2007.It was first time in history of Czech club of Northern dogs when the BEST IN SHOW  was Samoyed.And it was my Bellie !
There was still the idea about importing another dog from abroad.May in future i will if there will be any litter I will like.
One my friend phoned me (he is also breeder) that may he found nice litter for me…
I watched the website of the kennel. And told to myself : ,,will wait ,till the puppies will be born´´

In August 2007 i found puppies from this kennel were borned and i wrote to the owner of this kennel – Mari Lillé
After a few e-mails and pictures I was already owner of new boy (excellent new bloodline for Czech).
In September we travelled to Sweden to see Mari´s Samoyed,talk to her  and find out some new informations about Samoyed in Sweden and countries arround.
Thanks to Mari,you were very welcome for us to answer all my questions !And im very thanfull for this gergeous boy from your kennel i could own !
After that let me introduce our new member –
Amkida´s Lighting Thunter of Idij ,,Winnie´´ .



The training of Samoyed   



Independent,courage and decisive. He loves to decided himself what to do.Samoyed was used to decided himself when he in the past centuries protect the herds. He protected the herds infront of wild animals. His voice navigation the herdsman to find the place of the herd. Sometimes they were searching for the herds for a days.Throught this days Samoyed´s must protect the herd and himself. Samoyed´s character is friendly .He is very friendly with freigner persone too. Don´t think that Samoyed will protect your house. He will never ! He loves to play ,play with other dogs and he loves long walking. Samoyed want to be a member of the family.His owner is his friend. They hate hard training. Easily we can tell that he is jsut a human. The best way how to understand to Samoyeds it´s to own him like your friend ! If you want easy dog for training please do not buy samoyed. Samoyec has got his own head with his own mind. He is never agressive to other dogs.He is very happy with other Samoyeds in pack. If there was any agressive Samoyed in the pack of the herdsman he was ever knock out of the pack.They were used to worked in team and there wasn´t any opportunity to have just one agressive dog

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